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We are the open network of creatives,

musicians & artists, based in Edinburgh.

Redefining Edinburgh's Creative Ecosystem...

Curating new experiences in



Visuals from Lauren Browne's Visual Artist Network


Our Story

We started this journey in the middle of lockdown 2020, as a way to connect with artists and musicians. We realised there was such a lot of potential and creativity in the city, and we simply needed to create spaces where they could meet, share their art, and perform to live audiences. 

Nat & Fraz at the Edinburgh Innovations Inspire Launch Grow Awards 2023

Now, with our team of creatives, artists, event managers and content creators, we host weekly shows and nights out, a monthly Canal Cruise Concert, and run a portfolio booking program, to highlight the up-and-coming creatives in the city.


The Edinburgh Collective is an open community, and a non-profit organisation - chat to us at events or reach out online to get involved!

With love, from Nat & Fraz 


MUYA performing at NOISE 4 BOYS in December 2022. Photo by Melanie Kaye

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